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DOT Exams

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  • 20 min
  • Base on Time
  • 1st Street

Service Description

Ducasse Chiropractic Clinic, we are certified by FMCSA therefore we perform your DOT Exam. DOT Exams: - Do not forget to bring your federal or state ID - Do not forget your eye glasses or contacts (if they were prescribed) - Do not forget your hearing aids (If they were prescribed) - Do drink plenty of water - Do not forget your C-PAP machine readings If you are under care by your primary doctor or being treated by a specialist for any condition, please bring your most recent report(s) or recommendation(s). Please do not wait until the last possible day to set your appointment. In some cases, health status can change from one exam to the next. * Here are examples of cases that we’ve seen in our practice where extra time was needed prior to issuing the medical card: 1) Change in health status: newly discovered sugar was present in a urinalysis, when that was not the case in previous exams. 2) Sudden change in vision where patient did not meet set requirements; therefore the patient had to see an eye doctor AND have corrective lenses prior to receiving a medical card. 3) Hearing loss resulting in not meeting standards: patient had to see audiologist and possibly get hearing aids, or a more sophisticated device implanted prior to receiving any medical care. It is safe to say, try to avoid the stress and schedule your appointment sooner than later. Call us today to book your exam.

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  • 601 1st St, Grants, NM 87020, USA

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