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Workers Compensation

  • 30 min
  • Base on Time
  • 1st Street

Service Description

Did you sustain an injury while at work? Be sure to report your injury to your direct supervisor immediately after the incident. Write down everything that happened during that accident: keep note of how the incident happened? Which body part or parts are affected? Immediate symptoms? Later symptoms? Who witnessed the incident? Why did the incident happened? Hospitalizations? Hours lost from work? Before you set your first appointment, be sure to obtain a claim number from the workman’s comp insurance company. Make certain that the company approves your Chiropractic Care visits. Please inform us prior to your treatment if you are seeking treatment for a workers comp injury (additional forms must be filled out by the patient that contains necessary details about your case) Some patients think it’s better not to report these injuries and seek treatment on their own; however, this is not a wise choice. For example, when a patient comes into our practice as a general case, we tend to treat them as a general care patient; Later on they suddenly need our reports containing treatment notes that they want to provide to the Workman comp insurance company. This poses a problem because some of the details will not included in the case file (the details about the specific accident and the associated injuries.) This will, in fact, hurt your case. Never withhold details about your case, this too can hurt your overall case.

Contact Details

  • 601 1st St, Grants, NM 87020, USA

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